Daily Archives: September 9, 2007

Weekend update

After an early start on Friday to get to Upper Canada Village, we had an even earlier start on Saturday to get ourselves out the door just after 7:30. L13 and A11 had to be at their performance group retreat by 9:00, Andrew and I had to be at our softball team’s first play off game by 8:30 and they were in opposite directions. The girls were dropped at a friends’ with tent, sleeping bags, clothes, violins, food, music stand, life jackets and pillows. We arrived in time for our first game.

We play softball in the high tech league, tier B. It is a mixed league and every team has to have at least two women but three is preferable. Our team had three but is now down to two. Yesterday I was the only one available so someone had called in a friend. We barely won our first game, I actually hit the winning hit, which made my day and thrilled the team. Our second game went much better; another win, but after that the other woman left and it was just me. We still played but had an automatic out every eighth batter. Even though we didn’t win that one we have advanced to the semi-final on Monday night. While Andrew and I were playing B6 was wearing himself out on the adjacent skateboard park. He does not have a skateboard (yet) but was very happy on his Razor. When he wasn’t careening around himself he was watching everyone else’s moves. Needless to say he was a tired boy by bedtime.


While at the playoffs the convener dropped in with the trophies from the June tournament so I took the opportunity to get a photo of our team with the A2 trophy we won. Formidable looking bunch aren’t we?

Meanwhile out the other side of town, L & A were rehearsing with Stellae Boreales, the performance group they belong to. Generously, the parents of a group member agreed to host the retreat at their home. Everyone was made very welcome, copious amounts of delicious food was provided, the pool was heated to 85° and by all accounts everyone had a great time. Most of the kids slept in tents in the backyard, but somehow A11 managed to get a room and bed inside. Perhaps it was because the poor girl was the only one to end up in the river while kayaking!

I turned up this morning with chili for lunch and was able to listen to their last rehearsal. Although the group has shrunk since they last met in June they are sounding very promising. Both the coaches were impressed with their commitment and playing.