Daily Archives: September 29, 2007

The Fair


On Friday we spent the day at a country fair, about twenty minutes out of town. We have P12 and H10 staying with us for the weekend so they were able to come along too. Andrew had taken the children to the demolition derby the night before, which B6 thoroughly enjoyed. We arrived late morning and spent a couple of hours wandering around the exhibition halls and in and out of barns. Several cows were having their hair blow-dried, trimmed and gelled as we walked by. During lunch we sat in the grandstand and watched some of the children’s horse events, trying to pick the winners without having any real knowledge of what the judges were looking for.

Once 1:00pm rolled around we headed to the Midway to get the full value from the unlimited ride bracelets we had bought. Just look at the photo above. Our kids know how to behave on the rides, they’re the ones with big smiles and hair flying out to the side. Look at the kids just in front of them! Now look below, one of them is getting the idea. B6 and P12 rode this Dragon Wagon many times.


My childhood memories of fairs, which in Australia were “Agricultural Shows” do not include hours of rides. In fact I can remember all the rides I have ever been on and my kids passed my total within a few minutes yesterday. A favourite of mine was the dodgem/bumper cars, and B6 enjoyed them too.


The most hair-raising and stomach churning rides were difficult for me to photograph so I don’t have any pictures of L13 and A11 going backwards on the Polar Express or of all the girls swinging on 1001 Nachts! They saved the biggest for last and went up in the ferris wheel. Unfortunately I didn’t think to give them the camera and no-one was prepared to go up again for the sake of capturing the view.