Daily Archives: October 27, 2007

While you’re waiting

When the entries here are few and far between there is usually one of two reasons. Either nothing is going on or too much is going on. Currently it is the latter. I thought I would provide you with a few quick updates rather than nothing at all.

Yesterday was Austria’s national day. That may seem like a random fact to share with you, but our attention was drawn to it when girls’ performance group were invited to perform at the Austrian Ambassador’s celebration. The group provided twenty minutes of music including the Austrian national anthem which they learnt last Saturday.

As I have been very busy lately I was very excited to be invited to a friend’s place last night to watch the entire BBC production of Pride and Prejudice, all six hours of it. Four of us got together with the intention of watching as much as we could, but once you get past episode four it is very hard to pack up and go home. I have just finished re-reading it, as had another friend, so it was delightful to watch. There was much anticipating and quoting going on. As L13 is reading it now, we will have to plan another viewing.

Although the best of the fall colours are over, our back yard is covered in a carpet of leaves and the trees are nowhere near empty. Any time I glance out the back windows I see one leaf after another floating carelessly to the ground. Andrew usually picks up most of them with the mower but we all do some raking. We will probably fill close to thirty garden waste bags before we are finished, if the snow doesn’t come first.