img_3775crop.jpgDuring the summer I wrote about a visit we had to a friend’s horse farm where a few episodes of a tv series were being filmed. We were able to go back there recently and do some riding ourselves. Both A11 and her friend H are rather keen on horses and when I spoke to our friends at the farm they were only too happy to give all of us a riding lesson. The weather stopped us several times but the day which finally worked was a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon. It was the perfect way to end the school week.

img_3745crop.jpgWhen we arrived the owner of the horses showed us around the barn and tack room, and then took us out to meet Amigo, who we were to ride. Our hosts had cowboy boots in all sizes as well as riding helmets so we were suitably decked out. Then began the process of making sure the horse felt comfortable with what he was about to be asked to do.

Some people might not take the time that our friend took with Amigo but we could see the benefit in slowly and gently preparing him for an hour or two of giving lessons to us. It was part of his training also, to be calm as all the equipment is put on him. At first he did not want the saddle so it was placed on him, then removed and replaced several times until he calmly accepted it. Finally the bit and bridle were also positioned, removed and replaced until he was settled with the whole deal.

We all enjoyed our rides, even me, in fact I could see that it could be quite a relaxing pastime to ride now and again. But that is very unlikely, so enjoy the pictures.





3 thoughts on “Horseriding

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  2. ND

    My comment is about the photographs. I am wondering whether you have a new camera or whether a different camera has been used.
    There is a sharpness and depth of colour in the images which goes beyond the usual brightness and clarity.


  3. Heather Post author

    No I don’t have a new camera, I am still dreaming of a digital SLR. I am learning how to use the photo editing program we have which is enabling me to correct colours and sharpen images a bit.


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