Gingerbread houses

It has been a few years since we made a gingerbread house, although we make and decorate gingerbread cookies every year. Often we make plans and dream up elaborate ideas but then run out of time to make the house. This year we have entered a competition so the plans are coming to fruition.

L13 has teamed up with her friend P12. B7, A11 and H10 are working together and the two creations are very different. Initially each team was keeping their designs a secret, but a slip was made and discussions over heard so they shared their plans with each other. As neither house is traditional they had to come up with their own plans. L and A spent quite a while drafting and then made mock-ups with cardboard.


Last night we mixed, rolled, cut and baked gingerberad for three hours, heading off to bed around 11pm tired but very happy with all the necessary pieces for one lighthouse and one replica of the “Little House on the Prairie”. Not only were all the pieces cut, but windows and doors also. Before baking we put white candies in the window spaces which melted to make milky white panes.


Drop in tomorrow and hopefully I will have the next part of the process up for you to see.

4 thoughts on “Gingerbread houses

  1. ND

    We look forward to the next instalment. We can almost smell the cooking.

    I am wondering whether the lighthouse will be Atlantic Canadian or Cape Wickham Australian in design. If the latter, it could have a little girl in a pusher at the base.

    By the way, which team is making which? Let me guess. I am thinking L and P for the lighthouse and B, A and H for the prairie house.

    Congratulations to both teams.


  2. katherine

    mmmm, gingerbread… delicious!
    tell me, the candles that you used to make the window panes, surely they render the houses inedible? or are these houses/lighthouses not for eating anyway?
    either way, it sounds like lots of fun. God bless!

  3. Heather Post author

    We put candies, not candles in the windows, little white boiled lollies. The whole thing is meant to be edible to qualify but as they are going to be on display for two months I don’t think anyone will want to eat it when we get it back!

    I have photos of the finished products which I will post soon.


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