Daily Archives: December 17, 2007


‘Tis the season for concerts around here but we are definitely in the home stretch now. The children have a few more performances, both instrumental and choral. Two weeks ago Stellae Boreales had their first big concert for the year. All of the members had been selling tickets for a month or so and we had media coverage in local papers and the Ottawa Citizen. A11 and L13 were interviewed here at home several weeks before the concert and the article appeared in a few community newspapers.

Many of our homeschooling and church friends were there that night to encourage the girls even though the weather was snowy and the roads slow. It was a wonderful concert. The program included pieces from both the intermediate group and the senior group as well as two pieces from the complete ensemble. Two guest cellists and a Chinese pipa player performed also.

Since then the girls have played at a Christian Women’s Club morning and a friend’s Art exhibition at a local gallery. L13 played with the senior ensemble at the National Gallery donor event and tomorrow night A11 will play with her orchestra at the NAC; they are providing pre-concert entertainment before “The Messiah”. A week ago the OYOA had their Christmas concert where A11, L13 and their friends P and H were all performing in different orchestras. L13 hobbled onto the stage as she had sprained her ankle the night before jumping off a snow covered ledge! Fortunately the musicians sit down in orchestras so she was able to perform. The four girls performed together at P and H’s church Christmas banquet also.

Each Sunday during advent Junior Praise, the children’s choir all three children belong to, has been providing a song and some readings to accompany the lighting of the Advent candles. The children also sang and played for our Seniors at their Christmas banquet. L13 organised the program and all the members of Group of Four participated with¬† voices,¬† instruments or both.

Just because most of the concerts are over doesn’t mean the practising has stopped. In January our violin teacher has her Christmas recital where all her students play solos so there will not be a holiday from violin, but I’m sure there will be a few days off.