Digging up some classics

A few months back we showed the children some Get Smart and it was a hit. The other day Andrew introduced them to My Favourite Martian, which they also enjoyed. They thought it was a bit strange, but funny. As we don’t have a tv I can’t compare it to the current late afternoon children’s shows, but I’m guessing they’re a little different. I was telling my children about the shows I sometimes watched as a child, Brady Bunch, Hogan’s Heroes, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, F Troop, to name a few.

The other night Andrew and I watched some Gilligan’s Island, another silly show! Watching those poor shipwrecked people with Gilligan, we started making comparisons with another group of wreck survivors who end up on an island. LOST. We realised that the enduring question of GInger or Mary Ann? has become Jack or Sawyer? Or perhaps Kate or Juliette? Is Hurley the new Millionaire? Sayid the professor?

Last night we watched Indiana Jones: Raider of the Lost Ark with some friends. It’s hard to believe it came out twenty-seven years ago. I warned the children it was scary in quite a few places and a couple of times I covered B7’s eyes, but they all enjoyed it and are keen to see another one. My memory is that the subsequent ones were even scarier, so a preview might be in order before we continue. Following that they were treated to the first episode of Beverly Hillbillies! You can see we believe in rich and varied cultural experiences for our children.

3 thoughts on “Digging up some classics

  1. Chris Bullock

    I have been showing my kids old sitcoms too. We got the first series of The Brady Bunch, and Gilligan’s Island. S11 loves them, and watches them over and over. I find them good in small doses. Recently our small group had a social night where we watched an episode of a few oldies together. We watched a Get Smart and I Dream of Jeanie. We all laughed so much -great fun. I would like to see Hogan’s Heroes again.

  2. ND

    It is interesting that you refer to some of the old TV shows. I was remembering Bewitched lately and remember that it was a program that you enjoyed. The benevolent witch with supernatural powers used those powers to bring about happy and often amusing outcomes in which good always seemed to come out on top.

    Today these are several programs which alsofocus on supernatural powers, not always used with benevolent intentions. It is interesting to note that many of today’s programs are featured on the mid to late evening time slots which suggests something about their content and suitability for general audiences. It is an interesting fascination with the supernatural, even from people who would claim to be reasonable and sensible.

    Am I looking back with rose tinted glasses, seeing those earlier programs as harmless fun? I certainly don’t see many of the contemporary programs on the supernatural as fun or harmless.



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