My new gluten-free life

I am one week into my new gluten-free life. Tuesday last week I had an endoscopy which confirmed what my doctor had suspected after seeing the results of my recent blood tests. I have battled against anaemia for years, getting my levels up to the bare minimum, only to see them plummet back within a year. The last test concerned my doctor as there were other deficiencies showing up along side the iron. She decided that perhaps I was not absorbing the iron or other nutrients, an effect of celiac disease. To cut a long story short, it appears that she was right.

I have not met with a dietician yet or started reading books on the condition. I have done a little googling and a lot of label reading. (actually my children are doing a lot of the label reading as I can’t decipher that tiny writing) I am not new to restrictive diets. I was once put on an elimination diet which started with pears, rice and not much else. I have managed to follow a wheat free, dairy free, refined sugar free diet, (some would say the flavour free diet). In fact over the past fifteen years I have restricted my wheat and dairy products most of the time.

The specialist who did the test believed, without waiting for the results of the biopsy, that I have celiac disease and suggested I start the diet immediately. I keep thinking of foods that are now forbidden like egg rolls, lemon meringue pie and muesli. And then one springs to mind which is acceptable like pavlova. I intend to make some delicious and mouth watering gluten free snacks and put them in the freezer, but right now it’s pretty much just peanut butter and rice crackers. Imagine if I couldn’t have peanut butter either, now that would be bad.

2 thoughts on “My new gluten-free life

  1. ND

    But what about VEGEMITE? That would be really serious!

    We are glad that you at last have a clear diagnosis and pray that it will lead to a much mor stable health pattern without the ups and downs that have been with you for so long.

    You have so many friends on the blogsite and in so many other places that I am confident that there will be a steady flow of new recipes to help you establish and maintain a tasty as well as nourishing diet. Perhaps we will then see a scrap book of celiac recipes.

    It was interesting to read of LAB reading the labels on packaging. It tends to slow down the shopping, but will become part of life, I guess. For some time I have needed the assistance of the magnifying glass to read some items although the situation was much improved by my last prescription glasses. Last night we had the atlas open at the China pages. Beijing and Shanghai were easy to find, but Huangsan and Hangzhou required the assistance of the magnifier. What’s more Huangsan is deep in the crease between the pages.

    With only six weeks till your departure, we pray that you will be able to establish the new diet and begin to enjoy the benefits of renewed health and strength before you set off on the wonderful adventure.


  2. Elizabeth

    Wow, I read your latest post with interest. I too have had low iron for a long time and my doctor is suspecting Celiac. I went for testing last week and am awaiting the results…


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