Soccer, softball, swimming and sleep

A11 and B7 are playing soccer again this year. They both play at the same time and place, two nights a week. We like the way it is run, they practise for the first twenty minutes and then play for forty minutes; fun, but not high pressure. Both children are really enjoying it and A11’s team is undefeated after nine games, they have had a few ties but no losses. B7’s team has had tasted victory and defeat but they won tonight and that’s what matters to B!

Softball started for Andrew and I the same week as soccer but we have had only one win so far. This weekend is the first tournament, which clashes once again with the violin Senior Solo Recital. We will make it to both but may turn up to the recital in our softball gear! L13 graduates from Book 8 this year which means she performs three pieces at the recital rather than one and receives a graduation medal.

I have been swimming three or four times a week for two months now and, apart from the “getting out of bed to go part” I am enjoying it. The motivation was a very sore back, which though improved, is still giving me some trouble. I have been able to increase the number of laps I do and decrease the amount of time they take.

As I mentioned in my post about my celiac disease diagnosis I have very low iron at present. Low iron often equals low energy. I knew I was pretty tired when I fell asleep in the middle of a science lesson with the girls! I asked a question and then… silence. The girls wondered. Then I woke up, it was a very brief snooze, a matter of seconds actually, but I realised that I had no idea if they had answered the question. I checked whether I had even asked a question. Apparently I had.

Last week I had a quick nap in the orthodontist waiting room and a longer one while receiving an iron infusion. I was in a comfy reclining chair for three hours with an IV in my arm, it was the perfect time for a siesta. Tne next day I tried not to fall asleep while we were watching our history video, I’m sure I only missed a minute or two, but the couch was so soft and I was so tired… and well, you get the idea.

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