Back in 1866

Our time in 1866 was made all the more pleasant on account of the company we had.  Twelve young ladies and eight young gentlemen along with some of their worthy mothers and even one fine father spent a day and a night together at Upper Canada Village.

The weather was sunny and pleasant, making it bearable to be fixing meals and doing chores in a few more layers than we are used to wearing.  The clothes truly transformed us all.   It was as though everyone had donned a layer of gentility with their dresses or vests.

Young ladies were to be found in the kitchen baking Grandmother’s sugar cookies over an open fire. Others were engaged in the essential task of sewing, each making for herself a reticule.

While the young ladies were thus engaged the gentlemen were applying themselves to tinsmithing and blacksmithing.  Each one fashioned a candle holder such as no 1866 family would want to be without.

It was indeed a very enjoyable experience, history came alive as the children walked through the “living museum” and were taught by the residents of the village.  Old friendships were renewed as we spent a couple of days with families we first met at co-op years ago.  New friendships were formed as children traveled back in time together.


3 thoughts on “Back in 1866

  1. ND

    Great fun! Great photos! Great learning!

    We think the mother of A11 and B7 and author of the blog enjoyed the experience as much as the younger participants. And I have it on good authority that Heather’s mother would have enjoyed being a participant also.


  2. Heather Post author

    A reticule is a little bag to hang over one’s arm which can carry one’s handkerchief, comb or coins.


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