Last minute details

As we continue preparing to leave on Wednesday I have been amazed at all the little tasks I have added to my list.  Packing my clothes has proven to be the easiest part.  Today I picked up something from the orthodontist, locks for the suitcases, then borrowed  a bag, an adapter and a jacket.  I also photocopied documents for both my family and the group and went to the chiropractor.  Both girls needed minor alterations to some clothes today so out came the sewing machine.  My to do list is shrinking, however, so I am hoping to relax and enjoy Canada Day tomorrow.

The children managed to squeeze in a treat this afternoon.  They joined their Narnia crazy friends and went to see Prince Caspian again.  WIth coupons for free tickets (which we couldn’t use the first time) it didn’t cost a thing.

I continued practising on the laptop I have borrowed and am beginning to feel familiar with the programs which I will need to use in China.  The Stellae Boreales blog now has links to a photo gallery where I hope to post photos every day or so.

When we stop to think about it, it is really quite amazing that L13, A11 and I are off to China due to their years of commitment to learning violin.  L13 has been playing for almost nine years and A11 for eight.  They  have become self motivated and are a big encouragement and help to  each other.  We are way past the practise charts and games I made when they were in Suzuki books 1 and 2.  It is very encouraging to see how they have developed as musicians and hear what their aspirations are for the future.

RIght now, though, I am just looking forward to seeing them play at the entrance to the Great Wall next Saturday.


6 thoughts on “Last minute details

  1. ND

    We are sure that it will be a wonderful experience. Not only will the hard work of L13 and A11 and the other young people be greatly rewarded, but all will benefit from your careful planning and preparation and the support and wise counsel that you bring to the enterprise, and the spirit of adventure that you share with all the Stellae Boreales family

    Go with the grace and peace of God.


  2. Lori D.

    WOW! How awesome! I am so looking forward to keeping up with your travels. Homeschool is SO cool!

  3. Miranda

    Hi Heather, stumbled upon your blog via the Canadian Home Educators Carnival and am enjoying reading through. We are another home-ed Suzuki family (and I grew up a Suzuki-compatriot of Vicky Barham) so we’ve been quite interested in the Stellae Boreales adventure. My elder two kids are close in age to yours (14 and 11) and are a violinist and violist who would love an opportunity like that. I’ll be sure to check your blog regularly.

  4. molytail

    Wow, what an amazing experience this will be! Good luck, have fun, and all of that! (Well I guess you’re already there LOL)

    (spotted you on the carnival!)


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