Here comes the quartet


A month ago now L and A, along with their friends H and P provided all the instrumental music for a wedding.  The bridal couple are friends of H and P who approached them about forming a quartet to play at the wedding in July.  The girls have played together many times but this was easily the most significant gig they have done.    Some of the music they already knew, but most had to be learned.  The bride chose very traditional wedding pieces including The Bridal March, Pachelbel Canon, Trumpet Voluntary and the Wedding March.   The wedding was held in a marquee in the bride’s parent’s lovely garden.  Right up until the ceremony began it poured but while the wedding proceeded the rain  took a break.   The girls played beautifully and enjoyed the experience.

There was much discussion about appropriate apparel.  The normal performance blacks were ruled out fairly early on.  H and P were invited guests and did not want to attend a wedding in black.  A and L are a little tired of their black performance dresses anyway.  Matching dresses were not considered a good choice,  they didn’t want to be mistaken for, or clash with the bridesmaids!  After a couple of joint shopping expeditions we realized that black and white is in at present and it was both pretty and professional looking.  Finding four different but co-ordinating dresses for the right price and the right size was a little tricky.  The first one we found everyone wanted so we bought it and then delayed the decision about who would get it.   Eventually we realized that we were not going to find a dress for A13.  Although she is the tallest of the four girls she is also the “smallest”.  I ended up making her one which fitted in well with the other three.

1 thought on “Here comes the quartet

  1. 3livingstones

    Dress shopping with a bunch of girls – wow – that sounds like fun. One day I’m going to be a Big Sister and I hope that’s what we’ll do together – try on dresses and shoes.


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