It’s back

Masterchef Australia is back and we are already hooked.  Last night we watched the first  episode introducing the fifty finalists then eliminating the first five.   The first two challenges were a barbecue and a pavlova.  Now, I’m no masterchef, but I can make a pavlova, it is not that hard.   Although the ten people making it were given a recipe there were still a couple of disasters, the most dramatic being the pancake pavlova!

I know the producers are setting us up with some contestants to love and some to hate.  Maybe that’s why I already like Claire, because she is going to be one of the darlings of the show.  I just liked the way she was cool and calm; she didn’t gush and carry on like some of the others.

Tonight we watched the signature dish challenge which gave 7 a chance to cook in the pressure test for a position in the top 24.  Some of the recipes in the “Signature challenge” inspired us.  The crab curry did look great as did the twice cooked duck with coriander salad, I’m not so sure about the avocado chocolate mousse.

The repetitive  comments and the hype is just as annoying as it was last year but no matter, we’re in!

2 thoughts on “It’s back

  1. A(Big)

    Come now….Claire needs to lighten up a little. My favourite is Marion…or maybe Devon, just because he’s named after a really bad food product!

    Hope you’re all well.


  2. Heather Post author

    You are further ahead than us, I don’t even know who Marion and Devon are.

    Remember we have only watched two episodes with the 50 hopefuls!


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