Some years we have skated during March break and worn our winter clothes on Easter Sunday, but not this year.  Apparently Ottawa has broken a record by having no snow in March.  Even our yard which retains its snow piles longer than most is now showing a little green grass and some daffodils.

During the Easter weekend we had warm temperatures and plenty of sun.  On Good Friday Andrew, B9 and I went on a bike ride following the Rideau River from all the way to where it meets the Ottawa River.  We were able to stay on a bike path nearly all the way.  We then rode into the Byward Market which was packed with people enjoying the sunny weather.  We had to wheel our bikes through the crowded streets and footpaths until we found  a place to have a drink before taking the bike path which runs along the canal all the way home.  Andrew called it a “warm up ride”.  Maybe for him, but for me 20km was a pretty decent ride.  Apparently it didn’t tire B9 out because within half an hour of getting home he was out playing street hockey and roller blading!

The weather continued to be beautiful on Saturday and Sunday so we pulled out B9’s slackline and put it up.  He received it for his birthday in October so really only enjoyed a month or so with it before it was put away for the winter.  When he got back on yesterday he was a little shaky but I don’t think it will be too long before he can make it from one side to the other, probably about 7 metres.

1 thought on “Sprung

  1. ND

    With the coming of Spring, you have sprung into action. How we would love to have joined you along the Rideau River, and a coffee at Byward Market. (Well, maybe not cycling) And the slackline is out again! Did I mention that there have been several stories of slackling in our local papers. I am sure B9 will cross the chasm and bounce to new heights this spring.

    If Spring has sprung in Ottawa, Autumn has now fallen in Valley Heights.

    During March, we enjoyed our late summer holiday at Port Stephens where, apart from a few days with high humidity and thunder storms, the weather was perfect for a beachside holiday. Ocean temperature was about 22 deg C and boogie board conditions were mild. Beach and bush walks and the reading of several books filled out most of the days.

    At home for the Easter period, we devoted much time to the garden, looking rather tired and a little neglected at the end of the summer and a time away. Tomatoes, beans, carrots and other vegetables have mostly finished, but we hope to do another planting for some winter vegetables before the ground cools off to much. Unlike you in Ottawa, we can attempt to grow some crops through the winter.

    We joined large congregations at fine services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day, and throughout the weekend were aware of the continuous traffic stream on the nearby Great Western Highway as vast numbers of people enjoyed the last holiday of the summer season.

    And, yes, one other thing we did. On Saturday evening before retiring, we turned back all the clocks by one hour as daylight savings finished and we returned to standard time until next October! An extra hour of sleep!


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