Birthday girl

A14 turned…well 14 this week.  We didn’t do anything fancy but enjoyed a bunch of things that she likes to do.  In the morning she opened a few cards and a FIFA soccer ball and chatted on the phone to family and friends before finishing watching Akeela and the Bee with B9.  Watching a movie about a spelling bee made her want to play Scrabble so we did that until, just before the last round, B9 dropped a ball on the board!  In the afternoon A14 and her friend E(almost14) spent the several hours shopping.  Apparently the few purchases they made were made only after lengthy periods of indecision.  I can easily believe that after watching them try to choose a movie to watch after dinner!  Birthday dinner was a BBQ followed by “Kate’s Aussie Mess” from last year’s MasterChef recipe book.

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