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MasterChef Journey

Our MasterChef journey came to a close last night as we watched Callum and Adam battle it out for the title.  I wanted Adam to win as I thought he was the better cook but I was impressed by how close it was.  After a massive few months watching it is now time to turn to the website where many of the recipes are available for us to use.  Most of us did not visit the website during the series as we were behind Australia in our viewing so a peek at the website would have told us who had been eliminated.

There are quite a few dishes I would love to try, some of them a little more complicated than others.  L16 was inspired also so who knows what we might get to sample.

A few I’m interested in attempting are:

Alvin’s Drunken and Bruised Chicken dish.
Callum’s Violet Macaroons with Raspberries and Butter cream
Gary’s Rhubarb and Blackberry Souffle Crumble

I could go on and on, there is enough inspiration to last us until next year… or at least until the Junior edition starts!


Our older daughter turned 16 this week.  She is pictured above on Broadway, but no we did not go to New York for her birthday.  The picture was taken in May when Stellae Boreales were there on their 5 day tour.   She actually worked on her birthday, because you see 16 is old enough to have a summer job, even if it means having to work on your birthday.  After she was finished for the day Andrew cooked a delicious crab dish, as requested.   We also enjoyed a Curtis Stone dessert in front of MasterChef.  Although MasterChef has finished in Australia, we have yet to watch the grand finale…hopefully tonight.

Clothing diet – Made from scratch 2

My next sewing project was a dress from a piece of fabric I have had for quite a while.  My plan was to wear it for the girl’s final Stellae Boreales concert but as I started it the day before, it was never a realistic expectation.  They were guest performers at a fundraiser the following week so I wore it there.  As usual when I make something, I adapted the pattern.  There is generally something that isn’t quite what I want so I have to work out the way to adjust and the order to put  it together.  That being so I was happy with the outcome.  I know my mother won’t be happy that my head is cut off in this shot but I have been waiting to publish this post and the only thing holding me back was the lack of a good picture.   Rather than wait for a good picture of me I decided to just chop my head off and proceed.