Our older daughter turned 16 this week.  She is pictured above on Broadway, but no we did not go to New York for her birthday.  The picture was taken in May when Stellae Boreales were there on their 5 day tour.   She actually worked on her birthday, because you see 16 is old enough to have a summer job, even if it means having to work on your birthday.  After she was finished for the day Andrew cooked a delicious crab dish, as requested.   We also enjoyed a Curtis Stone dessert in front of MasterChef.  Although MasterChef has finished in Australia, we have yet to watch the grand finale…hopefully tonight.

1 thought on “Sweet

  1. sue

    Heather, I’ve been having so much fun “discovering” you the past few days! The card you put on LateBlossom’s “Simplicity” website led me to your website, which I have TOTALLY enjoyed. And it led me to this, your personal website, which I have been losing myself in all day! Thank you so much for sharing your life, your children, your travels, your painting, and all the creativity you have. I admire you tremendously!



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