Clothing diet – Made from scratch 2

My next sewing project was a dress from a piece of fabric I have had for quite a while.  My plan was to wear it for the girl’s final Stellae Boreales concert but as I started it the day before, it was never a realistic expectation.  They were guest performers at a fundraiser the following week so I wore it there.  As usual when I make something, I adapted the pattern.  There is generally something that isn’t quite what I want so I have to work out the way to adjust and the order to put  it together.  That being so I was happy with the outcome.  I know my mother won’t be happy that my head is cut off in this shot but I have been waiting to publish this post and the only thing holding me back was the lack of a good picture.   Rather than wait for a good picture of me I decided to just chop my head off and proceed.

3 thoughts on “Clothing diet – Made from scratch 2

  1. Yvonne

    Very pretty. I tried sewing some “curtains” (of my own design) today but did not share in your success. I’m a bit bummed by the amount of effort I put in vs. the results I got but I will press on (and likely buy something for those windows whenever it is I make money again). You’re very talented I think.

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