First concert of the season

At the end of September  Stellae Boreales played their first concert of the season.  It is unusual for them to perform before late October as rehearsals officially start the second week of September.  The performance was a paid gig, the fee going toward the tour planned for next July.  In order to be “concert ready” those who were available rehearsed during the summer.  L16 was one of the facilitators of these rehearsals (along with one of the graduating members who helped lead the rehearsals before leaving for Princeton to begin undergraduate studies there).

In order to provide an hour of music there were a couple of soloists plus a duet by L16 and A14.  The audience were members of the CAPD, who were enjoying cocktails in the balcony while Stellae Boreales played in the ballroom below.  The summer rehearsals certainly paid off, the performance was an excellent kick off to the season for the group which now numbers 30 members.

Afterwards L16 and I went on to the National Arts Centre to enjoy one of the NACO‘s first concerts of the season.  L16’s new teacher, who is the assistant concert-master of the NAC Orchestra, mentioned that Saturday night’s concert would be one not to miss and she was right.   Pinchas Zukerman played both Mozart’s “Haffner Serenade” part of which L16 has performed herself and Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.3.

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