Double digits

B9 turned 10 this week, making him, of course B10.  As it was a Saturday he was the first one up, it is the only day we can sleep in so we do.  But once everyone dragged themselves out of bed he was able to open his presents and eat egg and bacon muffins that Andrew made.

He left no doubt in our minds about what he wanted for his birthday.  Both boys across the road have one of these and they have kindly shared for the last month and a half.  The three of them have even rehearsed a show together, but it requires them all to have one of these items.  And now B10 has one.  He also has a magic set complete with instructional dvd, some new techdeck and some clever white board sheets that stick anywhere.  He and his buddy across the road had a happy Saturday with the pogos and the mini skateboards before hamburgers and Karate Kid, the new version.  We watched the old version a while back so the kids would get some of the connection jokes.  Well, it turns out that they didn’t really change much  in the remake, but as it was set in Beijing it was fun to watch and remember places we had been in 2008.

The celebrating isn’t over yet;  we have a party still to come next Saturday.

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