The creative mind of a ten year old boy

My ten year old boy to be exact.
B10 outdid himself this year in the creative gifts department.  Each member of our family as well as some people outside our family received gifts or cards that he created.

The cards he created for his immediate family were most amusing.  He likes to take well known sites, monuments or paintings, print out a copy then replace the head or one of the heads with a member of out family.  Andrew found that his head had replaced George Washington’s on Mount Rushmore.  L16 became the Statue of Liberty.  He took a different tack with A14 and I; her head was on Mario and mine was on a LEGO character.

He published two books this year, I received his original short story:  Douglas Saves Christmas on a Treadmill:  A Very Merry Tale of Christmas Coffee.  A14 was given the first edition of bOB COM1CZ.

But the industry does not stop there; our family joined another family in hiring a pottery teacher for three weeks in December.  B10 made a couple of lovely mugs for friends of ours and for Andrew he made a coaster and bobble head complete with Andrew’s face.

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