Spring soccer

The first two games of the season were cancelled due to wet weather and soggy fields but B10 and our friend P11 are now playing soccer twice a week.  As they both loved the Percy Jackson books, being in the Olympians team is a bonus.  So far they have won once, lost once and tied twice.

1 thought on “Spring soccer

  1. ND

    It is good to see B10 in action. It is difficult to tell the height of the lad, but it is clear that he has gained some inches or centimetres since last we saw him in 2009. It has been exciting to observe the growth of his cousins, S11 and M12, who this week will become M13, over recent times. Like B10, they are very active young fellows.

    S11 is playing football (soccer) in a local junior competition, and M12, who is keen on every sport and athletic activity is representing the ACT (Junior Brumbies) Rugby Union in the state championships being held in Sydney over next weekend. He is keen that I see him and I hope to do so.

    Thank you for the blog. Keep the news and photos flowing.



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