Ancient Rome timeline

As I mentioned earlier in the year B10 and 3 other children have been studying Ancient civilizations over the last two years.  We recently wrapped up Ancient Rome by created a soundtrack to go with the timeline we have been adding to all year.  After the photos and recording were done B10 turned it into two short videos.

1 thought on “Ancient Rome timeline

  1. Graeme Rule

    Hey Big Ben, and fellow historians, thank you for updating me on Roman History. What an entertaining way you have provided for learning his and her story. Tho, I fancy Mary was the only non male reference in your video.

    No doubt your consulting professor of Ancient His/Herstory was an invaluable resource. I believe your sisters have been away dodging volcanoes in Iceland, so volcanoes are certainly not mythological.

    Yours impressed and with thanks mate

    Aussie Uncle G R


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