The Dill Pickle room

The Iceland tour is nearing the end  so the  girls will soon be home.  B10 and I have worked hard on his room in their absence.  The wall paper removal spread over two days.  We managed to pull the printed front of the wall paper off in many strips.  To remove the brown paper backing still clinging to the wall took a lot of water and patience.  B10 chose and painted sample squares of Dill Pickle and Jalapeno Pepper then picked Dill Pickle for his walls.

While I worked I listened to various things but mainly one episode after another of Stuart McLeans’ The Vinyl Cafe.  I learnt bits and pieces about places all over Canada, was entertained by the amusing stories Stuart tells of Dave and Morley and enjoyed music by some  lesser known but very talented Canadian musicians. When B10 and I were both working on the room we had some random and rather ridiculous conversations, some of them involving his inventive ideas about better ways to complete whatever tedious task we were doing at the time.

In the lead up to the Iceland trip I knew B10 would be moving out of his room for the painting so I didn’t  push the keep it tidy routine.  When we moved all his stuff out I stressed that unnecessary junk would not be returning to his room at the end.  Together we culled quite a few books, and he hardened his heart to some precious but past their prime and close to useless items.  Of all my children he is the worst hoarder by far so I was proud when he was able to throw away the broken dragonfly and other sundry items.

Tomorrow we will put the room back together so I thought I would post the “before” shot tonight.

1 thought on “The Dill Pickle room

  1. ND

    We were delighted to read about the project, now reaching its conclusion. We look forward to seeing photos of the refurbished room. There is something especially satisfying about the completion of a project you have undertaken yourself. There will be a very busy time of show and tell when the girls return with their stories and souvenirs from Iceland, and B10 shows off what has been achieved in his room. I anticipate that he will have his own exhibits well arranged and some rules for those who would enter his room.

    Our own most recent project will be completed today. A layer of insulation was attached under the floor boards of the house during the past week and today the “in ceiling” insulation will be topped up by lifting some tiles and injecting more of the fluffy product across the the layer that has become rather thin with the passage of time. Meanwhile, there is much clearing up to be done outside after the furious windstorms throughout the Mountains last week.



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