Glimpses of our Christmas

We enjoyed some relaxing family time and some fun with friends as well. It was lovely to have Andrew’s mum here with us to celebrate Christmas and experience a bit of Ottawa winter. As always we were spoilt by Andrew’s excellent cooking; the turkey was done with the new Smokenator 1000! 

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1 thought on “Glimpses of our Christmas

  1. ND

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas. We now have and up to date picture of each member of the family. The Smokenator 1000 looks very impressive firing up the turkey out in the snow whilst everyone relaxes comfortably indoors.
    Did I detect patches of ice floating on the river? Where is that? Near the junction of L.and R., perhaps?
    Looking at all the happy faces there seems to be no reason for visitors to be worried about the cold of winter.


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