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Pictures of clouds

Some days are more challenging than others in the photo a day challenge. The “clouds” day dawned dull and grey and continued so until evening. Neither A15 or I had taken any pictures; I had not thought about it in hours when suddenly A appeared beside me telling me clouds had appeared, a sunset in fact and we should drive to where ever we could get the best shots! We drove down the road and ran down to the water’s edge in time to see clouds, sunset and reflections. Here are some of the ones we did not choose for the challenge.

A few taken by A15:

A few taken by me:


I started this blog six years ago primarily so that my extended family on the other side of the world could read about what we were doing. It has become a scrapbook of  our lives chronicling events, some significant, others trivial. I have written mostly about my family here in Canada, and only occasionally about my family in Australia. My older brother David has recently started a blog, Macarisms; you can read the first post to find out about the name.  His motivation for beginning the blog has come out of his current battle with lung cancer and is best expressed in his words:

“My desire for this blog is that people will be blessed as they read and think about life. My hope is to help people to reflect on the good life, to stop and consider what’s really worth having.”

If you know David you might already be reading his blog, if not please check it out. If you don’t know David, I would love to introduce you.

A few days of photos

B11, A15 and I continue to participate in the March Photo a Day challenge. All our photos are on boards on Pinterest but I haven’t managed to post daily here on the blog.  I think it is really cool how we each come up with different interpretations of the theme of the day. A15’s board.  B11’s board. My board

A few of B11’s latest:



Some of A15’s:



Here are a few of my latest:

red – I teach art on Fridays so it seemed appropriate.

loud – I live in a house of musicians; sometimes both violinists are practising simultaneously, different music, in opposite ends of the house.

someone I talked to – When we can on a Sunday morning we have a coffee together before church; I liked the big daddy cup and the little bubba cup.

Art Class: Coloured pencil drawing

Before Christmas we did a short three week unit of coloured pencil drawing. We used both watercolour and wax or oil based coloured pencils. Just as my art teachers had done I had my class drawing fruit. Fruit are a manageable subject to be completed in a short time frame.  Even though the time was relatively short I stressed that the longer we spent building up colour with the non watercolour pencils the more depth and realism we could achieve. It was not just colouring in a sketch.

Our warm up exercises before drawing the fruit were to complete several solids concentrating on the light and dark areas, shadows and shading.

A photo a day or two

I didn’t get yesterday’s photo posted here yesterday but it was on my pinterest board. The theme was “a smile” so I snapped one of a friend while we were at our history class.

Today the theme was “5pm” so I was hoping for a sunset shot. As I drove into the driveway at 4:58 after swimming lessons and errands the sky was grey and I was extremely thirsty so instead of a beautiful sky all I have for you is a tall glass of water, smudges and all!

A photo a day: My neighbourhood

I headed down our street this morning to take some neighbourhood photos for the challenge hoping to find the scene I wanted on the path down to the river. The path is trampled snow and the bare branches hang a little overhead. The day was very grey and my photos very dreary so on the walk back home I stopped for a minute to snap the more colourful snow bound playground.


March: A photo a day

While browsing on Pinterest I came across a challenge to take a photo a day for a month. The creator of the challenge did the same thing in January and February, allocating a theme for each day of the month. I have signed up, as has A15. I think taking the challenge for one month will be quite a stretch for me but it should be fun also. While I would love to take fabulous photos, at the very least I want them to tell you something about my day or my life. I will be posting them here on Sentient (hopefully daily) and also on Pinterest. A15 will be pinning hers on Pinterest also.

B11 has also signed up and his photos have a clever twist. You can see them here.

The theme for March 1st is UP. As it snowed on and off for most of the day I wanted to capture the snow laden branches I see when I look up into the pine in front of our house.