March: A photo a day

While browsing on Pinterest I came across a challenge to take a photo a day for a month. The creator of the challenge did the same thing in January and February, allocating a theme for each day of the month. I have signed up, as has A15. I think taking the challenge for one month will be quite a stretch for me but it should be fun also. While I would love to take fabulous photos, at the very least I want them to tell you something about my day or my life. I will be posting them here on Sentient (hopefully daily) and also on Pinterest. A15 will be pinning hers on Pinterest also.

B11 has also signed up and his photos have a clever twist. You can see them here.

The theme for March 1st is UP. As it snowed on and off for most of the day I wanted to capture the snow laden branches I see when I look up into the pine in front of our house.

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