Art Class: Pottery

Our first unit in the new year was pottery. We spent three mornings at a pottery studio with a wonderful pottery teacher and the resulting creations were very impressive. As there were just three participants for this unit each student had a wheel to use.  On the first week all three made several pots.

During the second class they trimmed the pots, tidying up rough edges and putting a “foot” on the bottom if desired. They also had time to make things by hand if they wished.

The final class was spent glazing which took a while as there were many pots and numerous choices for designs and combinations. We were all excited to see the finished products after their final firing.

2 thoughts on “Art Class: Pottery

  1. ND

    Viewing the items from a distance, I would say the potters have done a very good job. I would think several items may find places for display and usage.
    special congratulations to B11. I see both concentration and enjoyment on his face. Like the blue plaque, too. Is that the hand of A15 doing the engraving?



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