Floriade is a festival of flowers in Canberra every spring. It features many tulips but includes a range of other flowers as well.

The last time I visited Floriade was probably at least twenty years ago. It was as impressive as I remember it.

My dad and I visited Canberra last weekend and stayed with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew.  We decided to go to Canberra so my dad could attend and present a short speech at the 90th anniversary of the church we attended when he was the minister from 1975 – 1980. It was also the church where Andrew and I were married in 1990. It was fun to be back there and catch up with a few people I hadn’t seen for many years.


We also enjoyed Saturday night Jazz on the lawn, hearing David preach on Sunday morning and the views from the National Arboretum.

3 thoughts on “Floriade

  1. creatingincolors

    Floriade looks breathtaking with the beauty of all those colorful flowers. Surely that has inspired your love of art. Surely the trip with your father was precious.

  2. Carolyn

    Hi Heather, thanks for the lovely pics from Floriade, and hello from Melbourne (Aus).
    I hope you are having a precious time with your family, and that you are able to go gently at present xx
    Which church was it in Canberra? No worries if you can’t say.
    Best wishes 🌷

    1. ND

      It was the Reid Methodist Church, which became the Reid Uniting Church in June 1977. It is now the home of the Canberra Korean Congregation of the Uniting Church.
      The church was built and opened in October 1927, the year the Australian Commonwealth Parliament moved from its temporary first home in Melbourne to Canberra in the newly created Australian Capital Territory (ACT) The Reid church was the first established in the ACT, although there were older churches in the region before it became the capital.
      ND (also an ex-Melbourne boy, and Heather’s dad)


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