Daily Archives: December 15, 2006

Cover Girl

Harrowsmith Dec 2006 Inset Its not every day you get to be a cover girl. We were invited by a friend to be part of this cover shoot for last year’s Lee Valley Christmas catalogue. The location was just outside of Ottawa after one of the last snowstorms in early 2005. A huge Christmas tree was attached to the sleigh and we took a ride into the woods, smiling and freezing. B4 is sitting on my knee and the girls are next to us but obscurred.

It is strange to see it being reused this Christmas on the cover on one of the national lifestyle magazines.

There isn’t much chance of a sleigh-ride this Christmas. The weather has been above zero for much of the last week and there is little snow left. Normally by now the outdoor ice in the park down the road is open for skating. Maybe we’ll have our first Brown Christmas since moving to Canada.

Dec 2006 Harrowsmith Country Life