Daily Archives: December 23, 2006

the inexpressible gift

Last night we enjoyed having friends over. We don’t see these friends as much as we once did and we miss them. We had a great time. The children had things to show and share, we wanted to hear how our friends’ studies, exams and deadlines had gone and they wanted to know what was new in our life. They are the type of friends who feel quite at home here and we feel right at home having them here.

At one stage we were chatting about the different personalities of the children and my friend said, “Your children are so different and they are so much the same. I love your children. They feel like home.” Our children love them too. It was a gift to us to have them here. As the dining room table is covered in quilt scraps we had our meal at the kitchen table but the fellowship was just as sweet.

My friend and I made a dent in the dishes and discussed the gift giving side of Christmas, how hard it is to find just the right gift for some people and the fact that it isn’t the gift that matters so much as the giving. We talked about the enjoyment of baking for people and giving away cookies because we want them to know we love them. We talked about the gifts we can give that can’t be wrapped, our time, our conversation, our homes, a helping hand when someone’s hands are full. We talked about celebrating the season because of the inexpressible gift we have been given.

Give thanks to God for his inexpressible gift. 2Cor 9:15

I hope that you know the joy of God’s inexpressible gift this Christmas.