Daily Archives: December 22, 2006

A few days before Christmas

We are listening to The Blind Boys of Alabama’s ‘Go Tell it on the Mountain’ and Angele Dubeau: Adoration and the girls practising Christmas carols for Christmas eve service. Actually the bit about the girls practising; that is only wishful thinking at this stage.

We are cooking Almond and Pecan Brittle partially from memory because no matter how hard I looked I could not find the exact recipe which was so successful a couple of weeks ago. A10 has cooked something for her dad.

The tree looks almost finished as we have been hanging the nativity glass ornaments on the tree and dressing her in her skirt. B6 has packaged up the cookies he made for his Sunday school teachers and written cards.

L12 is working hard on the quilt and her friend is here  to continue work on hers. L12’s  squares are finished and she and is laying them out on the floor working out which arrangement would look best.

I am thinking about the Lamb Roast I am making for dinner with friends tonight. Roasts are not exactly my forte, so I’m trying to plan ahead in order that meat and vegetables are all ready at the same time, I prefer meals where the meat and vegetables are all in the same pot together!

We are decorating gingerbread.
We are putting little circles of fabric and labels on our jars of Three Fruits Marmalade.