Our chore list is, I guess, what you could call a rolling list. When it is chore time we just look on the list and see what is next. This way we don’t have to do the same chore every week. I also like it because if we have a busy week (if?) then the next week we just pick up where we left off.

Well, I was just dusting in the girl’s room, usually one of them does this. Both girls have beautiful fairytale dolls, with full skirts, on the dressing table . I picked up the dolls to dust the dressing table and found a stash of bits and pieces under the skirts, you know the kind of things which are just a pain to put away. They all go in a different drawer or box, it’s much easier to put them all in one place, like under a doll’s voluminous skirt for instance.

We have been discussing taking initiative in keeping things clean and tidy around the house. Does this count?

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