Plumbing at knife point

When L12 asked me what time the plumber said he would come I answered, “Between 2 and 3pm, but you have to understand that doesn’t mean he will be here between 2 and 3 pm.” I have a formula for working out what time he will arrive and I outlined it to L12 yesterday. If they say they will come between 2 and 3 you can then expect a phone call around 3 to tell you that they are still at their previous job and will be there soon. After half an hour goes by you might get another phone call letting you know they are five minutes away. Half an hour after that they will be at your door. I got the phone call today at 3:30 and they were here around 4, just when I was expecting them.

As the plumber got started in the kitchen, I began preparing dinner. I needed a knife so I took one from the knife block then stood there with it in my hand while I answered some of his questions and watched what he was doing. He finally stopped what he was doing and said, ” Did you know you’re standing there with a knife in your hand? It’s making me a little uneasy.” I was a tad embarrassed, this is a bad habit of mine to stand and talk to people while I’m cooking, all the while waving a knife in their direction.

He was almost finished when he said, “You haven’t told me yet how much I look like Adam Sandler .” I knew he looked familiar but I hadn’t been able to put my finger on why. But he was right he looked very much like Adam Sandler and was so used to being told so, that I was an oddity for not mentioning it. We did end up having the same conversation that I seem to have with anyone who comes to work on our house. Whether it is a plumber, an electrician or whoever they always end up saying something along the lines of, ” I’ve never seen anything quite like this, I can’t see why anyone would assemble it this way.” There are tell tale signs of home handy man all over the place.

So a few hours later the faucets and pipes are fixed, I have a plumber who looks like Adam Sandler and there is probably a note next to my name on his copy of the invoice reminding him to never come alone to this address.

3 thoughts on “Plumbing at knife point

  1. katherine

    haha, threatening tradesmen at knifepoint??? what changes living in canada have wrought in you cousin!
    very enjoyable blog you’ve got going here. i here some tidbits from aunty ruth too.
    love to all.
    God bless,

  2. 3livingstones

    Hey, who’s your plumber? The guy I had come looked more like Danny Devito. The next time the boys flush something that has no business going in a toilet, I’ll have to give yours a ring. I think I’ll invite him in with a knife in hand and tell him that you recommended him! Thanks too, for the handy equation to use for what time the plumber will actually show up. I should have developed one of those years ago. Silly me for actually thinking he’d come at the appointed time and getting irked when he didn’t!!



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