Too many cooks?

Group of Four was more like Group of Two and a half today. One of our families has had been battling sickness for a month and another family has just succumbed. The healthy remainder gathered today to make some meals for the not so healthy. There were not too many cooks; we had just the right number to create soup, lasagne, apple crisp and choc-chip cookies.
Apparently three colours of noodles result in Neopolitan Lasagne.
Coloured eggs the hens provided for Easter

1 thought on “Too many cooks?

  1. Jen

    Got your note today,

    Sorry we missed you, we really miss you guys!!!
    especially when we see an entry about cooking at your house, each one of those photos means something to me because we have had food prepared in all of those dishes.

    Hope we get to see you soon.
    it seems I need to eat almost hourly to get through the day, so a Telford meal would hit the spot quite nicely!!!

    Give a hug to all of your children for me (Andrew too!!)

    Jen & Joe


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