Clarification please

I have mentioned that my dear friend A is visiting at the moment. Her mother is also joining us for a few days before they set off to tour around a little. B6 wasn’t quite sure where A’s mother fitted into the picture. Here’s how the conversation went:

B6: What’s she to me?
L12: She’s June.
B6: What’s a June?
L12: That’s her name.
B6: I mean, am I her nephew or something?
L12: No, she’s just one of our friends, we aren’t related to her.
B6: But aren’t Mummy and A sisters?
L12: No, that’s just a myth.

Actually a myth A and I have perpetuated over the years,img_0532.jpg the most recent time being at church last Sunday. Someone just assumed we were sisters and we didn’t correct them … at first. Never for a moment, however, did I set out to deceive my own son.

I couldn’t ask for a better sister though.


1 thought on “Clarification please

  1. Jen

    Don’t you love friends who just feel like home…Those are the best friends to have, even when you don’t see them as often as you like, then when you get together its like nothing has changed.(finding it hard not to cry in my fragile state 🙂 )

    Can’t wait to meet A2 (or A1)??

    See you tommorrow.


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