Time to listen

Over the next five days I will be sitting listening to my girls perform in the Kiwanis Music Festival. They have been preparing for months, so I have actually listened to their pieces many times over already. The difference is that this week I must remember to breathe when they perform, I think I get more nervous than they do. Tomorrow L12 plays Tarantella by Drdla and A10 Broken Baroque by Ricky Hyslop.

Last weekend I read with interest and amazement the story about world renowned violinist, Joshua Bell. The Washington Post article gives a full account of his performance outside the Metro in Washington DC. He played for 43 minutes during rush hour and only seven people stopped to listen. Often there was just a rush of people going past, some throwing a quarter his way. This man who plays to full houses, where people pay $100 a seat, made less than $35.

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