A pirate tale

When B turned 6 he started receiving an allowance. We explained that we would like him to learn to save for things, be generous and make wise purchases. When he was shopping for a gift for a friend a few weeks ago he saw something he very much wanted to own. After showing me the foam sword yesterday I think he was a little surprised when I said yes, he could buy it. I did explain that I didn’t think it was worth the price but I thought he would have fun with it.

I paid for it on the understanding that he would give me the money when he got home. Sadly, once back at home he could not find his money anywhere. The sword was placed in my room for safe keeping until he could find his cash! I wanted him to realise that having money is a responsibility and he should keep his in a safe place and remember where that place is. At bed time the money was still missing and he was a sad boy. Not, as I thought, because he couldn’t have his new sword, but because he was already having misgivings about his purchase. There was a different sword which he believed would be much more fun. I didn’t display much sympathy I’m afraid.

Having exhausted all the possible places in his room where a money box might be hiding I sent him down to the playroom to sort and search the toy box. No luck, but A10 saved the day by finding it in the dress ups. I was paid. He took possession of his sword and then the fun began(yes, it seems he can have some fun with his sword after all). At dinner time a pirate joined us complete with headscarf, ear ring and sword. My favourite part was not the costume though, it was the titles. He talked non-stop during dinner and had an answer for everything. His ship is the Black-eyed Tooth , his captain the Black-eyed Blood , his sword is Skeleton Claw and his name: Skinny. He even had the story ready, in a nutshell, if we wanted to know how he got his name. And he kept asking for rum!

2 thoughts on “A pirate tale

  1. HD

    What a tough day it must have been for B6. I am glad to read it had a happy outcome for him and that he was eventually able to fully enter into the joy of his dream. I am sure that he will remember some important lessons and that he will be a little prepared for some future day of disappointments which may not have the happy outcome.

    Well done, B6. I think we canm now name you, B6.5

    Luke 15: 8-10


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