That time of year

It is the time of year when some things are winding down and others are starting up; it can be rather busy. This year looks like being no exception. I was talking to an Australian friend at Christmas and she mentioned how nice it must be to end the school year in June and not in December when everything gets crazy and busy. I have found that everything gets quite busy twice a year. There are Christmas plays, recitals and visits, parties and specials services in December. In May and June there are end of year recitals, concerts and parties while trying to finish the school work and fit summer sport in too.

Our violin commitments are not over yet, there are three more concerts with the necessary rehearsals preceding them. There are two tv spots promoting a fundraiser, auditions and then a retreat for the performance group introducing next year’s music.

Next week softball starts for Andrew and I, soccer for B and A and then before soccer finishes, tennis lessons for L,A and B. Swimming lessons continue for a month yet also. It is very nice to be contemplating all this time outside, but not the logistics of getting everyone to the right field at the right time, fed and clothed appropriately!

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