Summer dresses

v8180crop.jpgI have a very organised friend who has already sewn herself a collection of stylish new summer dresses. I know I should sew for summer in winter and vice versa, but I don’t seem to manage it. I am inspired though and I have fabric bought at the end of last summer and a pattern purchased the other day ready to go. The girls have decided they want to make Lucy’s and Susan’s dresses from Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. So there is no shortage of plans and patterns, just a lack of time. But that will change soon, won’t it?



2 thoughts on “Summer dresses

  1. Tara

    Oh Bless Me! “Very organized”? You’re a dear sweet woman for saying so but you should see the state of my sewing cupboard (AKA my closet). It’s simply in tatters! I have interfacing and can’t tell which is the medium and which is the light, I have three bags of scraps in various shades and sizes and no idea what use I’m going to make of them and notions scattered from stem to stern.

    Still, I do have some pretty dresses.

    Thanks for the post and good luck with the project. I look forward to seeing it!!

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