Group of Four’s last activity for the school year has been a two week pottery unit with a friend of a friend. She has done a lovely job teaching the children. The photos displayed here were taken during the glazing process. When we receive the finished pieces I will post a few more photos. Each child has finished making and glazing a piggy bank; we just have to wait for them to be fired. Interestingly none of them were actually “piggy” banks. We had three penguins, a teddy, a rabbit, a fish, a car, a log cabin, a coffee bean, a monster and a tree stump.



1 thought on “Pottery

  1. HD

    I am reminded of some of the early pottery projects of yourself and your brothers, particularly the blue jug proudly made by your older brother.

    It was made from a red terra-cotta clay, had a heavy thick base and sides. Its handle was equally substantial. Apart from its broad spout, it looked more like a beer tankard than a jug.

    The jug was finished with a deep blue glaze with some streaks of white and brown.

    For a long time the jug sat on a sideboard to be admired by any who saw it. At times it was placed in a cupboard and almost forgotten. It was carefully packed and travelled with us as we moved from home to home. For many years it sat by the bathroom basin and held the family tooth-brushes. The little blue jug was part of the family heritage.

    But no more. A few years ago and almost thirty years after it was made, your brother was visiting and recognized that early work of art. “What have you still got that thing for was his response?” He insisted it had no artistic merit; and he was probably right. He insisted that it had no sentimental or nostalgic value; and that was clear from his words. He insisted it was time for it to go; and it did.

    I am sorry we let it go. It was something our son made, proudly at the time. And he brought it home and gave it to us, his parents. It was his own gift of love.

    Treasure those pottery moments!


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