Kicking some goals

We are nearing completion, as far as school is concerned. Each day another goal is kicked; grammar and spelling are out of the way for the girls. We have two history lessons left and one Bible lesson. The end of the math books is a few lessons away for A and an exam away for L. B6 is a few countries away from meeting his 25 countries in 40 days challenge.

B6 had the excitement of kicking a goal the other night for his soccer team the Dragonflies and, as tonight is their final game, A10 is hoping to kick one for the Sharks.

Today is officially the first day of summer and soon our schedule will include gardening, sewing, reading, swimming, a camp, a cottage and a couple of birthdays at least!

2 thoughts on “Kicking some goals

  1. HD

    Thank you for another report on the life and times of HALAB. We enjoy the news and the variety of the subjects covered.

    As you enter the summer season, we have just had the longest night of the year and, of course, today we have the longest day.

    Each morning, as I eat my breakfast the sun comes in the window behind me and reaches across the room, through the doorway to shine on a row of mugs hanging below the kitchen cupbopards. Each morning the angle changes slightly and the time the sun touches has been a little later each day. Soon, the traverse of the sun will start its daily trajectory a little further south each day and the day will arrive when the morning illumination will recede for another year.

    A second seasonal news item from us is that following the heavy rains of recent weeks, the water levels in the catchment dams for Sydney has again risen above 50% for the first time in many years. The level in Warragamba, the largest storage is over 40%. Overall, it is an increase of over 10% in one week. We have had solid rain.

    There is still room for much more, but it is a welcome change. Strict water use restrictions continue.

  2. Heather Post author

    I am glad the rains have made some impact on the levels in the dams. We have been hearing about the flooding and looked at the photos you sent and had wondered whether it had been significant enough.

    Longest day of the year and B6 was up at 4:20! I told him it was the middle of the night and we both needed a lot more sleep, but the fact was day was dawning outside. The birds were already singing and they were not accompanied by traffic noise at that hour. Unfortunately we have made it one of his longest days of the year as we celebrated Nan’s birthday here after soccer with a pavlova I made and he has just settled down at 10:40.


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