The Cottage Chronicles (part 5)

I believe this will be my last cottage chronicle for now. You have heard the highlights and, I imagine, grasped the idea that we had a wonderful time. Each year when we have visited our good friends at the cottage the violins have come with us. The first year after a great amount of pleading and cajoling the four girls put on a “dock concert”. It was held on the dock next door as it is quite spacious. The next door neighbours on both sides attended and it was a very enjoyable event.

Last year we had to do the same type of pleading but the concert came off once more quite beautifully, with probably a few more guests. This year it was a “given” that there would be a concert and after a few grumbles about practice, N and I were told not to interfere; it was all under control! Arrangements were made, once again, to use the dock next door, a few more neighbours were invited and, at 8:30 the girls were ready and B6 was handing out programs. Yes, programs, which the girls had made themselves. All the musicians were listed along with the music being performed. There were solo pieces as well as trios( we had 3 violins between 4 girls) and a story was told with musical backing. A new performer joined the girls this year, P and H’s 3 year old cousin with her toy violin and she didn’t miss a beat.

Thus ends the cottage chronicles, but before I post this one I must say that the highlight of going to our friends’ cottage is not the lake, the activities, the food or the restful setting. It is the friends themselves, a wonderful family who willingly share so much with us. We love spending time with them and thank them for opening their home and cottage to us on numerous occasions, and making us feel part of the family.


1 thought on “The Cottage Chronicles (part 5)

  1. NAN

    OK, so missing you all was not just a figment of my imagination. I stole a moment this morning before anyone (except H) was up and thought I’d connect – literally and figuaratively via your blog. It made me cry, happy tears. Thank you for your lovely sentiments and for your faithful friendship. I’m sure you can imagine my state as we gather our things in readiness to leave tomorrow. It’s amazing really that in a place where time seems to stand still in so many ways, that time has gone by so quickly this summer.
    I guess it is rather fortunate that H has her birthday at the end of summer and has a pull to get us home, or we might never make it back!!
    See you soon.
    Love Nan


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