1 thought on “Stepping back in time

  1. ND

    Looking at those photographs reminded me of the very happy day we had with you at Upper Canada Village in ’02. In fact, today is the fifth anniversary of our departure for that visit.

    As you know, I have been very impressed and have found much enjoyment in visiting museums and parks on our visits with you. “Stepping back in time” is a phrase commonly used to promote such places, but sometimes the experience is little more than observing a collection of historic artefacts. The Village is a community and an environment where it is possible to experience the daily life of the early settlers in school, at home, at work, in community, in transport, in its simplicity and in its difference.

    I am not surprised that L13 and A11 like to re-visit and am delighted to see them entering into the experience with enjoyment.

    Back here we have been re-visiting some of our history as we have been reviewing old family photographs and developing some pictorial family history. Sadly, we do not have an unbroken sequence of images, nor do we have photographs other than the formal and very static images of people posing for the long exposure necessary for early photographs. Nevertheless, they reach back a long way to the great, great, great grandmother of L13, A11, and B6. With the help of the computer, we are approaching the point where we may be able to share these with you.


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