Bikes and violins

This weekend, like last weekend has involved hours of violin for the girls. I have just returned home from the performance group rehearsal but they have gone off with another family to play at a fundraising gala. Yesterday they both completed their auditions for the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy. The Academy has many ensembles, the two largest being the Ottawa Youth Orchestra and the Ottawa Junior Youth Orchestra.

B6’s weekend so far seems to have been spent on his bike. Across the road is a boy his age, next to him a couple more boys a bit older and down the road another boy. Just lately all five of them (plus A11, when she can) have been riding their bikes together. I’m not sure why it hadn’t happened earlier, but the result is a pretty worn out boy at the end of the day. When he is called in for meals he proudly tells us the latest tricks and feats he has mastered.

Oh, and by the way, you probably gathered we didn’t win our softball semi-final. To quote one of our players, “We played a very lacklustre game.” So that’s it for this year.

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