Get smarter

Towards the end of the summer for some reason I remembered Get Smart, the tv show, and how much I had enjoyed watching it as a child. Consequently we introduced our children to Get Smart. As I imagined they would, they found it very amusing and kept asking for more. After eight or so episodes we are taking a break, but the damage has been done. There are new phrases in their repetoire. I have often used, “Good thinking, 99,” knowing that they children had no idea what I was talking about. Now they do.

B6 has incorporated Maxwell Smart’s lines in a rather unexpected way. They keep popping up during his math lessons! When reaching a familiar type of question he comes out with, “Ahh, my old friend, Complete the number pattern”.

Or when he needs a bit of assistance I might prompt him with a question like, “What are we counting by here?”

To which he replies,”I’d like to handle this myself, if you don’t mind. Now, what are we counting by here?”

Perhaps when he gets a wrong answer he will start using, “Missed it by that much.”

3 thoughts on “Get smarter

  1. ND

    Well I remember it.

    By a strange coincidence, there have been frequent references to the program, No 99, and many of the quotable quotes by several of our local ABC radio presenters in recent times.

    Like fashion, good styles come back from time to time.


  2. katherine

    i LOVE that show! i’m a particular fan of the cone of silence and the “would you believe….” lines. but i’ve been known to use the “missed it by that much” on the odd occasion also.
    excellent parenting heather, nobody should grow up in ignorance of the wonders of get smart!

  3. Helen Hoffmann

    TOO FUNNY…we’re still on I Dream of Jeannie right now but it doesn’t have the same pithy catch phrases. Some day we hope to introduce our children to Kaos (sp?). Let’s hope B7 doesn’t take on Agent 13 qualities or you’ll be pulling him out of the plumbing!!!


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