I requested applications this week so Andrew, the girls and I can become Canadian citizens. That is the first step. We will receive our package, complete with applications for adults and minors, the booklet A Look at Canada, and all other necessary information for our application.

In order to become citizens we need to meet certain requirements, fill out forms, pay fees and pass a test. The group of four has decided to help us pass the test by doing a citizenship unit. Wondering if their own knowledge might not be enough to pass the test, they were all happy to study with us and increase the children’s general knowledge about Canada, its history, people, resources, geography and government.

We are not relinquishing our Australian citizenship, by the way, we will have dual citizenship, a privilege B7 already enjoys.

3 thoughts on “Citizenship

  1. ND

    Your latest blog did not come as a surprise. Since you wrote of “Past, present and future” a few weeks back, the future question has been in my thoughts.

    Like “Big A”, we find the consideration of taking up new citizenship is a reminder of the distance from here to there and how much we miss the regular contacts. It is another reminder to us of the big decisions you have to make for yourselves and for L13, A11 and B7. We pray that the process of application for citizenship in Canada will be a useful part of the bigger questions of future directions.

    The reservation in my mind has little to do with the citizenship provisions. It comes more from the frequently expressed question of friends and the unexpressed question always in the back of my own mind – “When will Heather and the family be coming home?” Of course we miss you, but perhaps the dual citizenship may make the visits between countries a little easier.

    I find some comfort in the fact that many countries around the world have moved beyond the point where once it was necessary to renounce one’s former citizenship in order to take up new citizenship in a newly adopted country. Australia now has this provision and I am pleased to read that you will be able to retain your Australian citizenship as you may take up new citizenship as Canadians.

    I cannot respond with Tara’s enthusiastic “Yay!!!!!” and yet I recognize how important a step in belonging it is to take up citizenship in the country and amongst the people that have become such an important part of your lives.

    I have looked at the website and noted the range of matters that you will be addressing as you prepare an application. I find it very comprehensive and very responsible. Australia has been engaged in a debate during recent months concerning the range of matters that intending Australian citizens should know as they make their application. In the usual Aussie way, some have made light of the process. I would like to see an equally comprehensive list for Australian citizenship. The point of such a syllabus and test is not to exclude people but to assist them understand and appreciate the country they are choosing to make their home.

    As a part time student of Australian history and politics and as I peruse the list of issues addressed in ‘A Look at Canada’, I am mindful of our visits to Canada and the features I have come to appreciate about both Canada and Australia. Of course there is the great beauty of Canada to be seen in many places, but I have also come to appreciate its history and institutions. I have learned so much by visiting its magnificent museums, such as those in your own city, but also the smaller museums covering local life and history in many of the smaller towns and communities.

    And of course, there are the many books of Canadian history and geography and politics, many of them recommended by Tara, which we bring home from the library. These have been a source of great interest and enjoyment. Sadly, I have been unable to find many books about these aspects of Canadian life in our local library, which perhaps is just as well, as there are many other matters to be addressing while we are at home.

    I am pleased to read that some of your friends will be studying the Canadian citizenship issues with you. That should be fun and will surely help to bring a very personal set of perspectives to some very important questions. It may also provide opportunity to reflect upon and share something of your Aussie heritage with L13, A11 and B7, and with your new Canadian friends.


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