View from my door

It was actually a couple of weeks ago now when we had our first snowfall. It came on a Wednesday, I know this because on the Tuesday night before it came all of us were out in the backyard, in the dark, with rakes and bags, getting the last of the leaves up. We had 40 yard bags full of leaves and pine needles lined up in front of our house ready for the last collection of green waste. Wednesday morning everything was covered in a few inches of snow.

The first two pictures below are taken from my back door today. We have now had two big snow storms and we have well over a foot of snow. Everything looks beautiful but I will have to venture a little further than my back door and try to get some better photos.



Below is the view from my front door, in the last picture you can see the snow banks either side of our driveway. It took all of us quite some time to get all that shoveled up. But we are not complaining. We didn’t have snow stay on the ground last year until mid January, so our chances of a white Christmas this year are looking a lot better.



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