’tis the season

For us as for many people Christmas time is a time to spend with family and friends. Usually the “family” is the five of us, the rest living far, far away over the ocean. This year we have been very happy to have one of my Melbourne cousins here for Christmas. She arrived on Christmas Eve from New York but had already spent a few weeks visiting warmer parts of north and central America.

On Christmas Eve she and I did a few last minute errands and while we were out she was delighted that it started to snow, really snow. After supper we all went to the carol service at our church. The next morning we had a leisurely start poking in our stockings, eating pancakes and then opening the gifts from under the tree. We headed off mid afternoon to spend the rest of the day with some friends who made us feel part of their family. We finished the evening doing Karaoke, all of us, not something that happens every day. In fact it only happens with these particular friends.

Then next few days were also spent visiting friends and enjoying conversation, food and fun. The children have tobogganed, seen a play, watched Oliver (A11’s Christmas gift) and made snowmen. We all spent one day in Montreal, visiting the Biodome and wandering in and out of shops on Rue St Denis. We left my cousin there for a couple of days and had a quiet day yesterday, sorting and putting away the debris of our merriment and gift giving.

1 thought on “’tis the season

  1. ND

    Let me tell you a little of our “Season”.

    We attended Christmas eve service at 7.00pm and returned home to watch some of the Carols by Candlelight from the Music bowl in Melbourne. It is many years since we took you and your brothers on one occasion; I think during the Tasmania years.

    On Christmas morning I again attended a service at 9.00am. The day was quiet and tended to drag somewhat until D45 and family arrived at about 5.00pm and S38 and C arrived from work at 6.00pm. The noise and activity and excitement quickly escalated.

    Ten of us sat down to your mother’s (assisted by F and C) excellent Christmas Dinner at about 7.00pm.

    At F’s suiggestion, we left everything after the first course and went for a walk. A good decision. It enabled everyone to let off a little steam before returning for the traditional fruit salad and ice cream with meringue drops on top. By this stage the patience of G11 and M9 was wearing thin and we gathered for gift opening. By the way G11 has been elected captain of her primary school for 2008.

    It was quite a fun night with S38 amusing his neice and nephews with some of his voices and stories. At one point he started on “The Court of King Caractacus” which prompted him to take out “The Best of Rolf Harris”. The turntable has been repaired during the year and the young ones were fascinated by those old fashioned CD’s which we were able to play. We listened to “I’ve lost my mummy” with its huge air intakes and Caractacus played firstly at its normal 33rpm and then at 45rpm. By that stage everyone was exhausted and ready for bed.

    Ten people found a place to sleep. I leave you to ponder where everyone fitted.


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