Art class

During January and February the Group of 3 had  art class once a week which I taught.  This has been good and bad.  Good, because lesson prep for an art class is fun!  Bad, because there is so much I don’t know.

We were fitting the art class in while the writing classes were not meeting so I wanted to plan some exercises for developing technique as well as some where we would complete a piece of art.  We began with some drawing exercises which, apparently did not appeal to everyone.  We looked at perspective and proportion and how to get it right.  I set up boxes and bottles and a cardboard cylinder for us to draw — not that exciting I admit.  We also drew a vase with dried hydrangeas in it; again not a popular choice.  I, the art teacher was happy  nevertheless, with the results of the exercises.  The following week we drew some of the same items breaking them down into basic shapes first, and we did the vase of hydrangeas again – and again it was not popular.  (In future weeks I carried it over and sat it on the table for fun just to see what the response would be)

Our first piece of art was a watercolour snow-scape with silhouetted trees.  The first step was to create the background which was a combination of snow and sky.  We wet the whole paper and used different blues with a little black to make a swirly, abstract sky, leaving some areas white to suggest snow.   While that was drying we practiced drawing winter trees, either bare deciduous or different kinds of conifers.   The next week we added silhouettes of trees to our snowscapes.

Here are some of the paintings by the students including L15’s above.

There are a couple more snowscapes I will feature later when the finishing touches have been added.

(I’ve created a new page for my own paintings which I will update from time to time.  You can find the link in small print in the blog header)

3 thoughts on “Art class

  1. xinme

    As a homeschooling mom who values creativity and tries to plan captivating art lessons for her children, I can totally relate to this post!!!! LOL The results above are fantastic!!! I especially love L15’s trees as I have not mastered the fine art of painting such wonderful branches.


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